tisdag 1 mars 2011

One little word Blog Hop

Welcome to the One little word Blog Hop for March 1st, and my word PATH.
In February our assignment was to simply photograph our word, in as many ways as possible. All I can say is that things are a bit vague...

It's been really hard to live with my word in any sensitive way this month. I just have no idea of what to do with it. I wanted to know my path, and... I still do. All I can see is some diffuse traces, outlines of where I might get, but I don't know how to get there.

I wish I could see a bit further, see the next resting place, then I maybe could find my way there.

Actually, I would like the road to be dry, warm, sunsoaked and caressed by a scented wind! Yes?

I might even want some company, someone to hold my hand, and tell me where we are going.

But, no, that is not my path right now. It is vague, and I have to wait.

So, here's to next month with my word! Here's to March, the month when I reach the big 40. Here's to a path that will surface a little bit more out of the vague and blurry.

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19 kommentarer:

Rebekah sa...

I hope you will enjoy the journey. Sometimes we just don't know what is ahead, but the path itself can hold it's own beauty! Love your photos of paths, thanks for sharing with us.

Anonym sa...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your post! Wonderful thoughts and sharing your struggles with your word choice. Well done! Enjoy March - I hope your path becomes more clear :)

Karen sa...

LOVE your thoughts and the photo of the 'vague' path...well written!

Lynn sa...

Love your post! Great sense of humor and a little irony - glad to know that others struggled this month too

Cheri sa...

enjoy the journey, even when the path is rocky and you don't know where it will lead you next. Your post is beautiful.

Donna sa...

enjoy the journey. if only we knew what the future held. your photos are wonderful

Abbey sa...

Great perspective!

Karen (Mrs. Green Jeans) sa...

Very thoughtful post. I'll be back again :)

Stacey (TheAcornGarden.com) sa...

Yeah! I guessed correctly which button was the comment link! LOL! I want to be in the place where your photos were taken - gorgeous! Well done with wording your feelings concisely with your photos. Hang in there - direction has a way of revealing itself...

K8 4man sa...

I know you will find your path- LOVE the story you took me into with your photos.

Heather sa...

I love how your words and photos are tied together in this post! It really took me on a journey as I read. And the photos are lovely on their own, as well. Thanks for sharing! :)

InkyArt sa...

what a great post - remember the word has to last a whole year - it might take a while to find the right path ... and you can have fun trying to find it ... I really love your photos

Anonym sa...

I loved your post and the path it took us on. I think these beautiful photos capture your word perfectly.

Cassie_lu sa...

love those paths but my fav is the one with the people

Jan B sa...

LOVE how you told your story of your journey so far through your beautiful photos. Awesome idea and so well done. Blessings as you continue on your path this year... (and thanks for your sweet words about my blog.) ;)

mandyb sa...

all that snow!!! wowsa.... we have just finished summer here and I am SO NOT looking forward to winter!!! brrrrrrrrrrrrr

hope you have a good birthday month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonym sa...

I love all your photos. I can relate to how you are feeling. Thanks for participating.

cia sa...

I really like how your photos tell a story about how you see your path right now. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa sa...

Love, love, love your post and the pic of the paths in the snow. And Happy Birthday!!!