onsdag 3 augusti 2011

En vecka 2011

Last week I participated in Ali Edwards week in the life-project. This was the first time for me, and I was very much unsure if I could do it at all. I'm kind of tired out this summer, for a lot of reasons, and I didn't want to take on more than I could finish.
BUT, as always I'm so tempted by this kinds of projects: to capture a bit of everyday-life and to make a nice album of it in the end. So I decided to give it a try. I also decided not to blog about it every day, and not to participate in the week in the life-forum at BPC, just to make things easier. (I am a member at the forum, and read a little, but I don't write.)
Now, I just want to share a few favorite photos from the week, which I started at Sunday 24 and ended at Friday 29, as it happend to be.
Sunday, reading books in the sofa, together.

Monday, summerlunch.

Tuesday. We have an all time high in cherries this year, and a lot of time has been spent on harvest.Wednesday. Our tiny, tiny laundryroom, that works so well, and that we like so much.

Thursday. Waking up together on a summermorning.

Thursday. Friends visiting and intense playing= lot of stuff on the floor.

Thursday, three lovely kids!

Friday and the three lovely kids has left the building. We are celebrating our 16th anniversary all on our own.