onsdag 8 juni 2011

15 år

Förra sommaren firade vi 15-årig bröllopsdag. Det var verkligen ett ganska lågmält firande =) men vi bad i alla fall mellansonen att ta några kort på oss. De flesta blev suddiga, skakiga (mycket beroende på att hans syskon skuttade runt honom...) och väldigt autentiska. Så här ser vårt liv ut just nu!
Ömsom kraftpapper och ömsom skira spetsar, kan man säga, och en liten aning glitter sprejat över alltihop.

Last summer we had our 15th anniversary. It was a very quiet celebration, really, but we asked our middle son to take our picture. Most of them were blurry (thanks to his siblings dancing around him) and they were also very authentic! This is our life, right now!
It's both kraft paper and delicate laces, so to speak. And also a pint of glitter spritzed over it all!

Journaling goes:
15 years ago, when we took the step and said yes to each other, for the rest of our lives, we had already shed off the romanticism. What was left was a rock solid: this is going to be so fun!
On the 15th anniversary we have been through quite a lot, been discussing one thing and another, solved a few questions. And what is clear, above everything else is that: it is so fun! to share this life.

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